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Acta Diurna, Vol. 8 (July 18, 2019)_Page_1.png

Gaming Newsletter

Three years ago, I established, and continue to run, Acta Diurna, a bi-monthly newsletter for the large gaming community The Roman Empire, based in RuneScape and Minecraft. Duties include all formatting and copy editing, aggregating content, managing contributors, and writing regular articles. My work is credited under my RuneScape name, Odin.

Prose Fiction

I write a lot of prose fiction in my spare time - short stories and an in-progress novel on the impact of trauma in a post-war Industrial Age city. These projects include extensive worldbuilding, map-making, and the creation of new languages.

Bryndolia v2_edited.jpg


Many years of Minecraft building have allowed me to build a portfolio of largely megabuilds for use in both creative and survival environments.

VR Esports

I have competed for five seasons in the Collegiate Virtual Reality Esports league in Division 2 Beat Saber and one season in Division 1 Echo Arena for the Ursa Major (UC Berkeley/Cal Esports) team.

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